Become a Legal NY Cannabis Patient, Easy Online Process

| 26 Jul 2017 | 12:17

Since 2014, New Yorkers have been legally able to get their hands on medical marijuana to treat their medical conditions. With the recent addition of chronic pain to the list of qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana, getting your medical cannabis card in New York has never been easier before.

That's why NuggMD is here to revolutionize the way of acquiring your medical marijuana certificate in New York. Bypass the wait time of finding a medical marijuana certificates exclusively online.This California-based company has helped over 75,000 Californians acquire a medical marijuana card. If you're a new or returning patient for medical marijuana, you can have the certification process done in less than 30 minutes.

This simple and quick service requires minimal participation from its customers aside from a phone and internet. By eliminating the cost of an office, adminstration, marketing, and miscellaneous fees, NuggMD offered the cheapest price for New York 420 evaluations.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in 3 Steps
1.Create a Profile
By creating your profile with NuggMD, you can have your personal information stored safely such as ID, medical history, and symptoms. Through the HIPPA compliant and encoded database, your doctor and administrator can review and record your information safely.

2.Video Chat with a Medical Board Licensed Doctor
Save time, money, and gas by consulting with your doctor via any mobile device that has access to internet and a video camera. No more searching online for “cannabis evaluations near me,” since these online physicians will provide a full examination and evaluation to determine if medical marijuana fits your case. If approved the doctor will issue you a certificate of approval - one step left before you can enjoy medical cannabis.

3.Get your Medical Marijuana Certification
After your consultation, you'll receive an email with your certificate of approval and a detailed set of instruction on how to complete your NY Medical Marijuana program application. This application requires a small fee but, you will receive your medical marijuana card in a matter of days. After receiving your card, time to enjoy the Green Life, especially since Nugg will be expanding its marijuana delivery marketplace to New York in no time! And hopefully it's only a matter of time before New York legalizes buying recreational marijuana, but we'll see...

Don't wait, sign up today, and get access to the incredible range of cannabis products on the market -- flowers, edibles, vape cartridges, tinctures, oils, rubs, and more!