What to say when your friend is fighting cancer

| 03 Dec 2020 | 01:54

    When your friend is facing this prognosis, what do you say?
    Keep your head up and pray?
    Isn’t that trite when your friend is fighting this foe?
    I ask again, what do you say, it’s your turn – Go!

    What words should come out of your mouth?
    Hey buddy, this will be over soon and we can have a beer on your couch?
    Should you say you will be fine?
    Or that you are a great friend — wise, loyal, and kind?

    Really, the next interaction, what should one discuss?
    Do we solely talk about cancer and make it a big fuss
    or does one ignore it and talk about future plans?
    At this point, you are no help to me and I am not a fan.

    So here is what I am going to say to my friend fighting this disease

    Is it ok if I pray for you, please?

    I know that positivity increases your odds — so chin up
    When this is done we will certainly raise up a cup

    I am here for a distraction or a serious chat
    About life, cancer, poetry, jokes, or even my cat

    If at 3 in the morning you want to discuss what’s on TV
    Give me a jingle, I am here, that is where I will be

    Every single day science improves your odds of beating this
    Now give your wife and kiddos a hug and kiss

    And tomorrow batten down the hatches and fight like hell
    You have the right doctors battling for every cell

    Friend, you are going to beat this buddy, there is simply no other freggin way.

    That is what I am going to say.

    By Jimmy Mack
    Warwick, NY