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My yard, a drunkard’s path of buttercups

I got a C-minus on No Mow May

| 28 Jun 2022 | 10:57

I feel like one of those kids mothers speak about in hushed tones: “He flunked kindergarten!”

I flunked No Mow May. At best, I give myself a C-minus. I could not even let my yard go unmown for a measly month, to allow more flowers and hence support more pollinators. All I saw at first were tall grass reseeding, then volunteer Norway maples. I quietly got out the electric mower. Hey, then I saw a few wildflowers. So I mowed around them in some Zombie garden fashion. My yard is a drunkard’s path of buttercups, then low growing clover blossoms for all those teeny pollinators who can’t or won’t get up into the dogwoods or other flowering trees.

It was a humbling experience. It’s not just as simple as stopping mowing. I’ll try something again next year.