Little Red in a tough world

| 07 Sep 2022 | 01:30

Dear Editor,
I’ve been meaning to tell you about Little Red, who is responsible for making the dog toys disappear and randomly reappear. He is a young fox I started seeing in late spring. At that time he was in rough shape: very thin, big patches of fur missing, his tail almost bare, and limping badly from an injury to his right forepaw. In early summer, in the evenings, I’d watch him make his rounds. He’d often stop in the yard, roll around in the grass, and scratch at the mites or whatever was causing his mange. At that time, he was barely putting any weight on his bad leg. As the weeks have gone by, his coat has come back and his tail is looking better. He’s still very lean, but he’s getting around better and not limping as badly. The other night, I watched him stop in the yard just to roll around and scratch his scrawny butt against the grass. He is just adorable. I’m pulling for him because it’s a tough-tough world out there for a young fox who’s behind the eight ball, so to speak.
Ken Mitchell
Warwick, NY