Can ‘Hunger Gardens’ take off?

| 08 Dec 2021 | 01:18

To the editor:

We have a terrible hunger problem in our area and all over the country. One in seven children in the U.S. lives in a food insecure home!

My two grandsons and I planted a vegetable garden and donated the vegetables to the local food bank over the past two summers. During World War II, there were Victory Gardens like ours all over the country. Nearly 20 million Americans planted gardens in backyards, empty lots and even on city rooftops.

We need to declare war on hunger now, as we see long lines at food distribution centers on TV all the time. I am willing to make a donation to an organization to start a “Hunger Garden.” I could also help plan and provide gardening expertise. If this got up and running, I would be glad to devote time to promoting hunger gardens by contacting local politicians, TV and newspapers.

With kids and families doing more things together during the pandemic, this is a great outdoor activity for any group of family and will help solve a serious problem.

We can do it! Let’s go grow!

Mike Levy
Monroe, NY