More compost, less politics

| 24 Feb 2017 | 02:35

Dear Editor,

We just got our latest issue of Dirt. It is an interesting little magazine, we understand it is a periodical for Luddites, written by Luddites, but, why oh why did you let the editor use it to blast Mr.Trump. Politics should not be a part of this mag. Please, get over the election. We deplorables won. And your worn out perpetual candidate lost. You’ll get another shot at each elective office in 2, 4, 6 or please God 8 years and if our choice blows it, put back the old gang.

I appreciate Pam’s hiking stories. They are ageless. No technology, no politics.

I understand that in the liberal, progressive world of journalism, the right wing does not have freedom of speech. That’s okay. I know that the chance of this being printed is as good as the odds of Bernie Sanders winning the NH lottery to buy his new home.

But please, dear Becca, get over it. We won. You lost. Leave the magazine as it was. A haven for apolitical readers who think the picture of a person sitting on a crapper to make compost is informative.


Joseph Stanaitis

Warwick, NY