Mailbag: What about us?

| 21 Aug 2015 | 11:22

Dear Editor, I am writing this email in complete disgust at the Green Schools Edition of Dirt. Our school, which has been in existence for 18 years now, was a green school LONG before all of the others incorporated nature into their programs, was not on the list.

I see other private schools on the “Green” list. What do I have to do to be recognized in this town for doing an excellent job of educating students for 18 years under a complete Environmental/Green/Sustainable....and all the other adjectives schools use to describe themselves?

I am shocked. Debra Smorto Owner/director

Fields of Green Montessori, Vernon NJ [Editor apologizes for oversight and asks Smorto to tell us about Fields of Green Montessori.]

Fields of Green Montessori School models a Montessori, Earth-based curriculum wherein each child individually and actively participates in his or her development as an intelligent, creative, unique and integral part of the environment in which we all live and share. By using the Earth as their guide, all children learn a sense of place, a sense of self, a sense of value, a sense of inner motivation and a sense of learning. The school serves children from the age of 18 months through Grade 8, and is housed in a historical farmhouse which allows the children to feel at home and surrounded by their school family. Fields of Green has been in existence for 18 years.