A mountain lion in Warwick?

| 02 Jul 2018 | 04:09

Dear Editor,

I worked on the farm Saturday, about three o’clock I was cold and wet enough to quit so I came home to Wisner Rd., put on some hot soup and fired up the pellet stove. Just as I settled in, looking out the window I’ll be dammed. A mountain lion walked by in between the railroad tracks. I had all the time in the world to check it out. He was preoccupied with the cars crossing the tracks at Wisner and sat on his butt and watched. After what seemed a long time he turned his head left and in one quick move scaled a 15-foot bank into some thick brush. I could see him messing around in there for a minute or two and then he was gone. I have heard for years that there were no mountain lions in this area. I was no more than 15, 20 feet from this guy and he was very real. Tomorrow I’ll go out and look for tracks. He was over 100 lbs.

Jim Murray, Wisner Rd., Warwick NY

Editor’s reply: Hi Jim! Thanks for your note... I believe it. You didn’t happen to get a pic, did you? We did a story about mountain lion sightings in the area six years ago. Anyway, how freakin cool is that.

Jim Murray: I’m a photographer, why would I have a camera?