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2019 Green Schools

Our sixth annual survey results are in... every year, we see schools getting greener

| 07 Aug 2019 | 12:51

50% of schools reported they had a garden

41% said they either had or anticipated putting in a rain garden or rain barrels.

28% talked about composting; either they were doing it or were trying to fi gure out how to do it. “It is our goal to compost for our garden. But we need to research this further, as we do not want to attract bears,” said Upper Greenwood Lake School.

22% said they had low fl ush toilets or water faucets that automatically shut off. Warwick Valley High School said they had installed water pedals in the kitchen. Cedar Mountain Primary School reported they put in metering faucets in 42 bathrooms.

9% of the schools mentioned the work of the PTO or PTA in getting gardens going and recycling plastic.