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Air fryer veggie hash

Out of the garden, into diner-style comfort food

| 09 Mar 2022 | 12:08

I love my air fryer. I love love love love it. I’m a latecomer to this bandwagon, but the idea of crispy, delicious diner-style food that is nutritious and light in oil is such a dream come true. A machine into which you can toss highly nutritious vegetables, and they come out tasting like comfort food? Pinch me. Here is one of my recent favorites.

(All veggies cut in ¾-inch cubes)
2 celery stalks
2 small carrots
4 radishes
1 parsnip
2-4 cauliflower florets
2-4 broccoli florets
½ cup winter squash
1 small bunch of kale chopped
1-2 tbsp fine oil (avocado, olive, etc.)
½ tbsp garlic powder
½ tbsp onion powder
2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp dried thyme
Salt and red pepper flakes
1-2 tsp lemon juice

1. Put a medium saucepan filled with water on the stove to boil. While it’s heating up, chop and prep all your vegetables.

2. You want to parboil these vegetables so that they cook at a similar rate in the air fryer. Add carrots and celery first for 1-2 minutes, then radishes, then softer vegetables for no more than a minute.

3. Quickly drain and flush with cold water. Either spin in a salad spinner to remove excess water from the vegetables or set out on paper towel to dry after patted well. You want these vegetables to be as dry as possible before putting them into the air fryer.

4. Put veggies into a big bowl and add all seasonings and oil. Toss very well, and pop into the air fryer.

5. Set temperature at 400° for about 15 minutes. Depending on your particular machine and quantity of veggies, keep an eye that you don’t overdo this, or the vegetables become rubbery. Sprinkle with lemon juice and enjoy!