Quarantined Midlife Crisis

| 10 Jun 2020 | 11:31

COVID has killed and hurt so many
The sad stories of health and wealth lost are aplenty
I pray for those who lost more than I
But in quarantined self-reflection it’s all about me, no lie!

In my mind I am still young
But at 40 I guess I am halfway done
When did I get married and become a dad?
Amazed at my wife and kids, but somewhat sad

Along the way I made too many decisions out of fear
Knowing that old age was far away, now so near
Today I am a little too bland for my younger self
I have been too focused internally and overly obsessed with wealth

All that matters is family, friends, and community
And what one does to help others is the best immunity
From the self-regret of not doing the most
With that limited time and talent until we are toast

So today I put in motion becoming a leader who puts others first
I am done lying, these leaders we elected are the worst
I am going to start now but it’s more fun to change as a team
How about you, are you going to change? Or is this just a dream?

By Jimmy Mack