Geese – A Day’s Theme

| 09 Apr 2021 | 01:12

The sky is too quiet for May.
They are gassing the geese
in one of our great eastern states.
The objection to their existence:
they crap on all the wrong places;
country club lawns,
golf courses,
pools and ponds.
Our species ask,
“How can birds so desecrate
this precious Earth?”
We, who have sickened
and are emptying the oceans,
made water undrinkable,
air non-breathable,
cities impossible to live in;
we who have defiled the planet
with our refuse and our waste,
poked holes in the sky and
turned the very food we eat
into a game of chance,
we are offended by goose crap.
I have looked upward
waiting to hear and see them
moving gently across
an empty sky.
A silent May,
except for a few sudden blasts
ridding us of
the occasional bear.

- Elaine Knight, Warwick NY