East of Anywhere

| 03 Jan 2013 | 06:11

    East of anywhere will bring you here,

    to the hut of the woman with obsidian eyes;

    whose lived for ten thousand years--


    Her words come and go with the eddies that tangle the grasses;

    all around her there is space

    for breathing in

    and out again; for dancing and being still.

    East of anywhere she builds her fire to guide you with its billows

    and she cackles with the embers

    until they hiss in the dark.

    Her voice is thin and when she calls

    gets caught in the clapping leaves

    or drowns in the sound of your body—

    its beating and humming.

    East of anywhere she will be waiting for you to notice her

    hiding in the trees and curling in the water.

    East of anywhere she will be

    if you let her. If you look.

    Laura Catapano

    Ithaca, NY

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