| 01 Jul 2019 | 03:57

The man in your life should be the sort who

gathers firewood on Sunday. Who wipes sweat

off his brow and pulls splinters from his skin,

while the Lord and Lucifer lean upon their

old stumps and amicably dispute his

unhallowed methods.

The man in your life should be like the man

in the moon. The assurances of tables

are naught, for you already know his habits

and haunts. Should you not find him in your

sky at night, he will appear in the blue void,

the erratic rogue.

The man in your life should be the one who

says, “Your power is in me, and mine in you.”

Your mystery and gravity sustain him in

his wanderings. His nightside glow reflects

your kindness. He feels the surges of your tides

in his veins.

Ken Mitchell, Warwick NY