A halfway house for cast-off treasure

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Gilded letters shine upon the dark brown, nearly windowless facade of a repurposed warehouse building in Midland Park, NJ, proclaiming “Second Hand Treasures.” The large hand-painted lettering makes the building appear not unlike the spine of some massive old leather-bound book standing on roadside.
Upon entering, the first thing you’re likely to see is owner Luci Marconi surrounded by antique and previously owned furniture, collectibles, and curiosities.
It’s been eight years since she and her husband, Michael Marconi, started their business. It was the things Michael saw in his 30 years as a professional mover that sparked the idea: perfectly good items going to waste every time someone happened to move. The couple saw a valid business in fostering those cast-offs until they were adopted by new owners.
Browsing under lofty 30-foot ceilings really does feel like a treasure hunt. Many of the items herein appear new, other things, like the antiques, look their age. Not in a way that makes them appear “old,” though, but rather “storied.” Pieces that have seen much in their time on earth, the kind that if you pay mind to them, and truly appreciate them, may whisper their stories to you in a way only antique items really can.
The showroom contains only a fraction of their goods. They also keep a ‘back catalog’ of items stored in garages, and in the massive basement of the shop itself. Those items move in as ones sell.
Some of these pieces will go on to new homes just as they are, others will likely experience a metamorphosis: a loveseat will be reupholstered, an old dresser may go on to hold a pair of sinks as a shabby-chic bathroom vanity. Luci knows this, and so she refrains from doing any refinishing work herself, which may hamper shoppers from being able to put their own creative vision into the pieces.

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