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“What I do for my living is so connected to my life,” said Dani Segal, an early pioneer of the northeast organic movement and owner of Healthy Thymes Market in Vernon, New Jersey. “Even on time ‘off,’ whether it’s listening to music with my husband or painting, somehow my work is incorporated into everything I do.” Segal’s mission is to make the world healther, and the blending of work and home life, rather than being stressful, is “what’s so special about all of my days.”

By Molly Colgan

PUPS UP I’m up every single morning at five. Doesn’t matter if it’s my day off or not—I’m up at five. It’s an inner-alarm. I take the dogs out, they’re my number one priority first thing in the morning. We try to go for a walk, but if not we’ll hang out in the backyard and watch the sun come up.

JUST DANDY I usually sit outside with them and have a glass of N*Steda, which is the product I’m manufacturing. It’s actually kind of ironic… back in high school I hung out with the hippies, I was more of a flower child. It was the 60s and I had curly hair, and would tie flowers together and wear them as a crown. So I got this nickname Danilion, and when I got around to studying herbs, I found that dandelion root is one of the best supports for your liver. And the liver is one of the best organs to support for your skin—and skin is one of the big things I help women with in elevating their health from within so they can be radiant from without. So I started making and offering dandelion root tea for this, which tastes like coffee. The women using it found themselves drinking less coffee and weren’t suffering from caffeine headaches anymore. I had this aha-moment: I need to make a dandelion root product that is a coffee alternative. So I did it, it’s called N*Steda—because you drink it “insteada” coffee.

LOGGING IN I like to get up early because it’s a great time for me to get a lot accomplished. So after taking the dogs out I’ll usually check my emails so I can touch base with my clients. I’ll usually then have fruit or a protein bar for breakfast depending on how much time I have.

FAMILY ROOTS I do a lot of groundswork with my husband. I planted a tree for each of my children when they were born, so that was the beginning of one of my gardens 35 years ago. My gardening continues down to the pool. I put every single plant and tree in. That was 20 years ago, and I’m in my sixties now, but I still putz around. I’m a designer out there, it’s like painting with plants.

JUST KEEP SWIMMIN’ I had the pool put in after my kids left the house. My husband asked, “Why put it in after…?” And I said, “For me, and for us.” When you own your own business you tend to not go on vacation. His whole life and my whole life is our business, so we swim together between busy work time, and it’s so relaxing.

TRUE COLORS I’m out in my gardens on my time off because the colors of the world excite me—which is also why I paint. I’m very inspired by nature. I think in my heart of hearts, I’m a painter. My original education is in art. Before I switched over to the science side of the brain, I got my Bachelor’s in painting.

FAMILY FOOD Everything I do revolves around food and family. I’m cooking and in the kitchen a lot. I love to prepare dinner and feed my loved ones. The kitchen table is just packed with food if I know my grandkids are coming.

WALK IT OUT I try to take the dogs for a nice walk after dinner. Walking around the lake is lovely. It helps the digestion and gets me ready for bed. I can relax. The dogs are happy. It’s a great way to end the day.

TEA TIME When I get home, I’ll usually make myself a cup of tea, something soothing with lemon balm or chamomile.

HIT SNOOZE I’m usually in bed before eight o’clock. I know how important it is to get enough sleep—that’s when the body repairs itself. But I’ve always been this way. When Saturday Night Live first started in the 70s my husband and his sister would get everyone together to watch SNL. Forget it! They would usually have a bed set for me. I’ve never stayed up for an episode of Saturday Night Live.

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Pool Rules

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