Ah Saturday. A fresh start to the weekend. Monday isn’t looming just yet. But for Ray Sosler of Sosler’s Garden & Farm Equipment, Saturday is another workday. “We’re open from 8:30 ‘til 1. A lot of people are off on Saturdays, so we spend the second half of the day delivering new equipment,” he explains. “Hopefully, we finish up by 5 if we’re lucky.” He’s been hanging around his family business—celebrating its 65th anniversary this year—since he was a kid. Now he’s running the place six days a week. So Sosler doesn’t get to Saturday until Sunday rolls around. MOLLY COLGAN

MORNING BUZZ I wish I could say I rest more on Sunday. I would sleep ‘til noon everyday if I had that latitude. I don’t. But on Sunday, I try to sleep until 9:30 or 10—I try to do it. But with two kids, they’re up at 7 regardless, so they’re usually buzzin’ around. They’re self-sufficient enough that they can play on their Kindle for an hour and give me a chance to rub my eyes and get out of bed, though.

EAT, PRAY Usually, we’ll go to church on Sunday. We’re members of the church in Middletown. My parents live nearby, and my wife’s parents are right in Pine Bush, so we’ll meet up with them for lunch or breakfast; head to a local family-owned restaurant or café, like Mason’s Marketplace. One nice thing about our area is that there are still a lot of small businesses. You get to know the owner; you get to know the workers. To me, that’s what we offer as a business, so that’s what we seek out when we go places. We like to go to somebody’s clothing shop as opposed to the Gap, or we like to go to Linda’s Office Supply in Goshen versus Staples. We don’t shop at Walmart—I don’t condemn people that shop at Walmart—but it’s just so anti what we offer. For us, we follow a Main Street USA sort of mentality.

PONY UP My daughter horseback rides. So I get the chance to take her to WillsWay over in Goshen on Sundays.

SCOUTLIFE My son does cub scouts and I’m a den leader. We’re pack 59. When I was a little kid, I was a cub scout, so when my son was of age I encouraged him to join. It’s a great way to help the kids learn good values and skills—stuff that kinda gets omitted today. It gets them outside. Gets them doing things. Gets their hands a little dirty, a little muddy. We usually have weekend activities—a parade, food drive, or overnight campout. We just had a spring cleanup at a local church. We try to give back to the community as much as we can.

HIT THE TRAILS We do a lot of yardwork and around-the-house stuff, but we also ATV ride. We have trails behind the house. My son has his own ATV, but most of the time the two kids just ride with me. I have a side-by-side, so they sit passenger. That’s fun—it’s like an outlet for me. I don’t want to see a tractor on the weekend. I see tractors six days a week, so I take a break on the seventh.

GRILL MASTER We try to do a family dinner on Sundays. My wife cooks, I barbeque. I definitely like to grill this time of year. We usually have dinner with either my wife’s parents or my parents—whoever we didn’t meet up with for breakfast. But we do like time spent just the four of us. Sometimes we go to Bellvale Creamery just outside of Warwick there. It’s a nice little Sunday jaunt for us.

KICKIN’ BACK My wife and I, we’re kind of the typical husband and wife raising kids. The kids are usually wound down by about 8 o’clock. It’s books and bedtime. My wife loves to read, so sometimes I’ll watch ESPN while she’s reading a book. But we also have some shows we like to watch together, like Big Brother. It’s on three nights a week, but we usually DVR it. We really enjoy watching that together and just kickin’ back.