Calf 54, where are you?

"I've been here for three years now, and I have yet to see the actual birthing process. It's hard enough to locate the calves once they are born… There is no sure sign that they are going into labor and it is a mystery to me how they manage to secretly give birth when I'm not watching.” - Jason Friedland, Lowland Farms manager, 2014. Photo by Robert Breese

For Mother’s Day 2014, we thought we’d run photos of a cow being born. Photographer Bob Breese, man of infinite patience, got to know the herd at Lowland Farm, going there day after day and spending hours. On April Fools morning, he discovered he’d been eluded. He arrived to find an hours-old calf starting to walk and suckling. We were happy with those shots (plus it was deadline), but Breese kept going back. On April 4, his patience was rewarded when he got to see, and document, a cow named Pansy give birth to a brown and white boy. Two years later, he went back for a reunion.